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Interview with Alibek Shashdavletov - QEAS school: GSC Study, Kazakhstan

Interview with Alibek Shashdavletov  - QEAS school: GSC Study, Kazakhstan

GSC Study in Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan has recently become a Quality English Associate School, so we spoke to Alibek Shashdavletov, Director of the school, to learn more about the school, their reasons to apply to join Quality English and their plans for 2022.

Why do you think your school is a Quality English Associate School?

To become a Quality English Associate School has been a strategic goal for our School since 2019, throughout these years we have been working on enhancing the quality of our service in language training. From my point of view, this work has paid off, and, thus, the following components as quality, good rapport with our students, comfortable learning environment and our brand image and awareness have enabled us to be recognized by Quality English.

Why did you decide to apply to become a QEAS? 

There are 3 main reasons I would highlight: 

1 – to become part of an international organization so that GSC STUDY School could be associated with a global brand; 

2 – networking, i.e. to find some new partners overseas so as to launch new projects in terms of language and/or teacher trainings; 

3 – breaking the School’s boundaries and exploring something new – gaining new experience. 

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far? 

After having done some research, what I have found is that Quality English is a UK-based organization that selects school from different parts of the world quite carefully which is a sign of a trustworthy trait. The organisation itself is able to provide its members with networking, training, support depending on a School’s needs. These, in my opinion, are the main things I can define.  

What are your plans for 2022? 

The plans we have for our Schools are really impressive. One of the most important points in it is the fact that we would like to make sure all our teachers are on the track to professional development. Another thing that we always keep in mind is to make our lessons more useful and entertaining so that the students could be really satisfied with our service in language trainings. And, finally, we are ready to start our online project related to language learning, so we would be delighted if we could find any partners among the Quality English members.  


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