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From Languages United in Bath to "Darkest Peru"

From Languages United in Bath to "Darkest Peru"

Many of you will be aware that Languages United worked with a teaching association in Georgia in 2021 to deliver PRELIM 1 - an online project that reached the remote regions of that beautiful country. The project was so successful - the Georgian teachers felt empowered, and over in Bath the Languages United team can still virtually taste khachapuri, lobio and some other gorgeous delicacies from one of the most hospitable nations in the world. We will treasure that wonderful opportunity through which we have made friends for life.

Languages United is so delighted that their great work has been recognised and that they have been selected for PRELIM 2. In 2022 from Georgia in Euro-Asia they have virtually moved to Latin America to Peru - yes, that includes "Darkest Peru", the Amazonian jungle area where Paddington Bear came from!

They first met the 80 course participants just before Christmas, with a very lively gathering, sharing music and traditions. On the 10th January 2022, they started the teacher training programme.

Jayne Bowra, the school's Senior Teacher says: "The course has got off to an excellent start with 100% attendance and participants demonstrating exceptional motivation to learn (I have never had a student join a lesson from a doctor's waiting room before!). The enthusiasm and vibrancy is spilling over into our lively Discord channel too - full of pictures of delicious local delicacies, tropical locations and a daily temperature check, just so I know how hot it isn't here in Bath at the moment!"

The students are beaming with joy and leaving the school brilliant feedback. Here is what Jaime says: "Excellent explanations! Wonderful class, I have learnt a lot already and I wish to apply it."

Languages United has so many exciting projects planned for this course which will help improve the confidence and the English language skills of their course participants. At the same time they themselves are learning something new every day, about the remote land of the "Darkest Peru".

Find out more about the course here.

We look forward to another update soon...

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