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Bridging Business Acumen with Real-World Experiences: A Spotlight on Our March Programme

Bridging Business Acumen with Real-World Experiences: A Spotlight on Our March Programme

March at Languages United has always been a month filled with anticipation and excitement, but this year, it took on a special significance. In their continuous effort to celebrate and encourage women in business, they tailored an exceptional programme for a group of eager 16-18-year-old students from an Italian Business School. These bright young minds, with a keen interest in Business and Finance, embarked on a journey designed not only to enhance their theoretical knowledge but to immerse them in practical, real-world business environments.

The course was structured to balance rigorous academic learning with experiential outings. Mornings were dedicated to lessons focusing on the indispensable soft skills in business—a facet often overlooked yet crucial for success in any professional setting. The afternoons, however, were reserved for an engaging exploration of programming for business, culminating in a visit that would leave a lasting impression on these young entrepreneurs-to-be.

A Visit to Remember: Meticulous Ink, local business on Walcot Street in Bath
The visit to Meticulous Ink stood as the programme's highlight, embodying their commitment to exposing students to the tapestry of entrepreneurship woven by inspirational figures. Athena, the powerhouse behind Meticulous Ink, shared her narrative of turning a vision into a successful creative business, capturing the essence of entrepreneurial success. From humble beginnings to national acclaim, including several TV features, Athena's journey served as a live case study for our students, illustrating the pivotal role passion and character play in the realm of small business success.

This visit was more than an educational excursion; it was a testament to Languages United's dedication to supporting small and independent businesses while providing our students with a firsthand look at what it takes to succeed in today's competitive business landscape.

Beyond the Classroom: Experiencing Bath and London
Learning at Languages United extends beyond the confines of the classroom. In addition to the rigorous study and hard work, students enjoyed a historical tour of Bath, led by none other than Dan, their Director, who also happens to be a Mayor of Bath guide. This tour offered them a glimpse into the rich historical tapestry of Bath, blending educational content with cultural enrichment.

But the adventure didn't stop at Bath. A trip to London was on the agenda, where students visited many landmarks related to their English Language with Business course, adding another layer of context to their learning experience and allowing them to see the practical application of their studies in the wider world.

Tailored Learning Experiences at Languages United
Languages United offers a diverse array of courses tailored to fit various learning objectives and budgets. Whether it's a focus on business and finance or any other specialized field, their programmes are designed to meet the unique needs of their clients.

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