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Save the planet - Languages United is taking action!

Save the planet - Languages United is taking action!

Languages United is taking action to help the environment, and encouraging their students to think about the issues and take action.

The school has been….

Cutting down fewer trees - using recycled paper and providing online resources for lessons and administration.
Planting trees - they have planted 20 trees this year to help offset their carbon footprint.
Reducing plastic waste - they are using multi-use cups and reusable water bottles.
Becoming more sustainable - the school has meat-free Mondays, when student packed lunches are meat-free.

Languages United is delighted to hear that their Swiss students, who are at the school for the 5th year running, will next year be arriving by train. The Zurich school has been discussing the issues and has made the decision to stop all flights for the next few years.

To find out more and keep updated on the school's project, visit their website.

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