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WESLI is unveiling a fresh new look and inspiring vision

WESLI is unveiling a fresh new look and inspiring vision

After months of dedication, creativity, and hard work, WESLI is unveiling a fresh new look and an even more inspiring vision for their next 42 years at the Wisconsin ESL Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

At WESLI, they believe in the power of language to transform lives. Their renewed vision is to empower every student with the confidence and skills to engage and connect in a globalized world. This relaunched community learning environment will equip students with cultural competence as they engage and connect with others from many different cultures. Students are empowered through collaboration and critical thinking, as ideas intertwine from the diverse classroom; connecting ourselves to real world solutions.

Jackie Kassteen, Owner and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, explains: “From our first conversations, it was clear that the team at WESLI were passionate about the school and their community, but it was so much more than that. Their impact, courses, and service offering extended far beyond what was portrayed in their marketing and communications.”

Their new logo is a symbol of communities and connection. It represents the intersection of people, place, and language that come together at WESLI as we all learn, grow, and connect.

The softness of the lettering is used to create a welcoming feeling, which is what WESLI strives for when you enter the building or interact with staff and teachers. The two blue “stripes” represent the two lakes in Madison, Wisconsin – a recognition of where our school began and where we welcome students every year for immersive English experiences. Between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona is the downtown isthmus where WESLI is located, across from the Wisconsin State Capitol building. 

The language mark can be imagined as a comma for what is to come; an apostrophe showing that we all belong in our community; or as a speech balloon representing language and communicating across cultures.

While their look may have evolved, their dedication to providing high quality English language education remains unwavering. Their passionate team of educators and staff is as committed as ever to helping you achieve your language goals.

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