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WESLI celebrates 40th Anniversary

WESLI celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI) is celebrating 40 years of teaching English. Given the difficult year ESL schools across the globe are experiencing, WESLI staff and students are grateful for the many wonderful past years and the many yet to come in learning and teaching English.

The school began in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in 1981 with a local couple who had a passion to teach English. In 1995, the school was bought by a WESLI alumni, Carlos Osorio from Venezuela, and continues under his ownership.

WESLI has welcomed over 15,000 students in the past 40 years from 170 countries. Students come with a range of backgrounds in academics, business, or personal interest that create a truly unique community. The WESLI Family comprises teachers and staff that have worked at the school for 20+ years, creating memories and experiences handed down to future staff and students.

In March 2020, WESLI opened their newly renovated school space - just in time for one week of classes before the pandemic transitioned instruction to online learning. And since September 2020, in-person and online classes have been successfully and safely bringing students together again to learn English. Take a peek at the space here.

“The last 40 years has been an absolute wonderful experience of bringing people together here to Madison and creating family with people from all over the world,” said Jennifer Phillips, Director of WESLI.

The rich history of WESLI has gone through many challenges over the years, but the community remains strong and resilient in welcoming students and expanding the WESLI Family. WESLI will continue all year to celebrate this milestone with alumni, staff, partners, and local community. Connect with WESLI as we continue to learn from one another across the world!

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