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Academic Summer Cambridge

Academic Summer Cambridge

Academic Summer, Cambridge offers academic and challenging summer programmes for British and international students aged 13 to 18. Located in the world-known university city of Cambridge in Abbey College. Abbey College, Cambridge has a new and purpose built campus in the centre of Cambridge offering modern classrooms, science laboratories, art studio, dining room, coffee bar, basketball court, sports hall and single en-suite boarding accommodation all on one campus.

The summer programme combines a challenging and inspiring academic programme with an enjoyable leisure programme that encourages students to learn new skills, work in a team and aim for their Personal Best. Students can choose from an excellent range of academic subjects taught by specialist teachers. Each student has their own individual timetable.

  • Students can experience living and studying in the university city of Cambridge.
  • Students can enjoying studying in a modern college and experience all the academic subjects the centre offers as well as preparing for a top university on the Oxbridge programme.
  • Students can also get to know London on their weekly trip to the capital.

Courses offered:

  • GCSE preparation (13-14)
  • A levels/IB preparation (15-18)
  • Oxbridge Programme (15-18)
  • FCE and CAE preparation (15-18)
  • All programmes are available as day or boarding programmes.

Courses at School

  • A Level
  • GCSE
  • Online Courses
    • Academic Preparation
    • Business and Professional English Online
    • Cambridge Preparation Online
    • General English A1-A2 Online
    • General English B1-B2 Online
    • General English C1-C2 Online
    • IELTS Preparation Online
    • Junior Courses Online
    • One-to-one or Two-to-one lessons Online
  • Specialist Online Courses
    • Boarding School Preparation Online
    • Engineering English Online
    • English for Specific Purposes Online
    • GCSE or A Level Preparation Online
    • Medical English Online
    • OET Preparation Online
    • TOEFL Preparation Online
  • Young Learner Courses
    • Residential
    • Summer vacation
Brook, 16, Australia

"Next year I will be taking HL Chemistry, Biology and English in my IB, so I came here to prepare for it. I feel I improved in Biology and Chemistry. We did lot of experiments and practical work, that was really good. I feel it will allow me to get better grades and be more focused on whatever I want to achieve in my future studies.“"

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