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Unique Boarding School Guardianships with Living Learning English

Unique Boarding School Guardianships with Living Learning English

If you didn’t already know, as well as offering high-quality English courses in the teacher’s home,  UK-based home tuition school, Living Learning English offers a comprehensive Boarding School Guardianship Service for international students in the UK.

What makes our Guardianship Service unique?

Our host families are our English language homestay teachers and there are great benefits for Guardianship pupils to spend their Exeat weekends and school holidays with a qualified teacher of English.  We have a large network of over 350 teachers around the UK so we can reach all boarding schools in all areas. 

One of our teachers, Annie, says, “My experience of teaching and working with international pupils helps me empathise with the pupils and understand their struggles including homesickness and cultural differences. It is also a great benefit as, even if my guardianship pupils are not on an LLE course, I am there to offer guidance if they need academic support during their stay or have any difficulties with homework. I am also aware of how intensive the school environment can be and the importance of having time to relax when they are being hosted.” 

Annie’s Guardianship pupil, Sam, has taken 1:1 courses with Annie as well as short weekend stays.  He says, “It is really helpful that my host family is also a teacher because I feel more supported and understood. If I have a problem with my everyday use of the English, Annie can always help. It was great that we could work on topics that I chose, such as Geography and History, and also do some excursions that made me understand a bit more about the English culture. I was very happy with the course, and we focused on my speaking and writing as those are the areas I need to improve in. I could use what I learned during the course in school because we also studied terminology for some subjects”.

LLE has established partnerships with many boarding schools in the UK, such as Bishopstrow College (a Quality Education college) so we can offer pre-sessional English homestay courses to your students before they start at the school under one CAS, issued by the school. We are also working closely with other Quality English and Quality Education providers such as Academic Summer so your students can be thoroughly prepared academically and socially to enter boarding school.

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