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Self-Access Sessions at Worldwide

Self-Access Sessions at Worldwide

On the first day at Worldwide School all new students receive their Student Learning Passport. Once a week morning classes each go to our Library for a one hour Self-Access Session with their teacher. During this Self-Access Session students are able to use the many library resources including our own Worldwide Online.

During their first Self-Access Session new students will have their first Teacher & Student conference so they can discuss their own individual Study Plan. During this conference the teacher will discuss with the student their weak points and ways to improve.

From then the students will be able to log in to our Worldwide Online anywhere and anytime they want and do the study exercises available to improve those weak areas. They can record this work in their Student learning passport. At the next Self-Access Session the teacher will then check the Student learning passport  and give the student a stamp next to that completed task.

Every month at the Self-Access Session the student will have another Teacher & Student conference to discuss their study plan and any other areas for improvement. We hope Self-Access Sessions help students become life long learners.

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