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Saturday Excursions at Bede’s Summer School

Saturday Excursions at Bede’s Summer School

Excursions form a key part of a student’s experience at Bede’s Summer School. They offer an opportunity for our students to see new places, discover new things, have unforgettable experiences, and also relax and have fun. The school's main excursions take place on Saturdays and Sundays at all Centres, with a Wednesday excursion also featuring at most of their locations.

The excursion most students look forward to is almost certainly their London-based Saturday Excursion. With this in mind, Bede’s Summer School is excited to announce that it has now published its Saturday Excursions schedule for 2020. As with previous years, the school has rearranged and refreshed their schedule to make way for some exciting additions in 2020 that they are sure will inspire and engage their students and add to their enjoyment during their time with them.

For 2020, some of Bede's upcoming new excursions in selected weeks include Legoland for our 6-11 year-old Eastbourne students, and Shrek’s Adventure Tour for our Vinehall students aged 7-11. They have also added London Zoo at Handcross and Windlesham for all nature lovers aged 10-14. For older students interested in witnessing the more gruesome side of London’s history, for 12-17 year-olds at Dicker they are offering the London Dungeons, and a Jack the Ripper tour at Lancing for students aged 13-18.

Bede’s is also offering West End theatre trips during selected weeks in 2020 at Eastbourne, Vinehall, Handcross, Dicker and Lancing for those who would love to enjoy a show during their time in the UK.

To ensure they provide added flexibility for their excursions, during all weeks students will also be given the opportunity to join a walking tour of Central London as an alternative sightseeing option if they wish.


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