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LLE Student Success Story - Maude Julien, aged 60, from France

LLE Student Success Story - Maude Julien, aged 60, from France

Living Learning English share with us one of their student success stories...

Maude Julien, a French therapist who has written a bestseller in France, first contacted Living Learning English in 2016. Her novel was to be published in English and she would be required to talk about her book on radio and TV shows in English speaking countries.  As Maude’s English was at elementary level, she needed a bespoke course to equip her with the language to discuss her autobiographical book.

Maude was so pleased with her first home tuition course experience that she has booked five courses in total with the same teacher, Elaine, in Oxford.

Maude said of her experience at LLE:

When I arrived at Elaine’s house for the first time, I was unable to speak or write English clearly. I was unable to read a book or an article in English. A year later, I have had interviews with ABC Australia and ABC Melbourne (radio programmes). Each of these lasted about 40 minutes and took the form of questions and answers. In addition, I have had an extended (one hour) interview with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal. In March I attended The London Book Fair, met with my English publishers and editors, and had several high-level meetings. Thanks to my repeated Living Learning English courses, I have felt confident in each of these situations”.

Elaine, her teacher, was equally effusive:

When Maude arrived at our house for the first time, although she spoke English with a certain amount of confidence, I found her very difficult to understand. We focused on speaking slowly, remembering that English is a slower language than French. We also looked at the sounds of the English language in detail and noted how these are linked to spellings. In addition, we made recordings of me saying different expressions and sentences so that Maude could listen to these when at home in Paris. We have together identified the different structures and grammar points that Maude has difficulty with, and we are gradually addressing these. We have watched many films and DVDs together, visited the theatre and attended an author interview. All these have helped Maude with her listening skills and understanding of the sounds of the English language. We have also visited all the bookshops in Oxford and as a result Maude has been able to progress from reading the graded texts (which she bought at the beginning) to reading full length novels in English”.

Maude’s story is one example of how LLE’s careful student placement can allow students to achieve their language goals. Maude can now communicate with confidence through a variety of media platforms.

Listen to Maude’s latest interview about her book with News Talk radio in Ireland.


  • ANA DAVI Avatar


    What a lovely story.
    Thank you for sharing it!
    congratulations to LLE and teacher Elaine.

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