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Lifelong connections to WESLI

Lifelong connections to WESLI

Students from all over the world come to WESLI to learn or improve their English. Pictured here are Stana and Misa from Prague, Czech Republic (left and right, respectively). Stana is a former WESLI student and Misa is a friend of Stana's, as well as a parent of a former WESLI student.

Stana studied at WESLI in 1993 and fell in love with both the school and city of Madison as a whole. (Understandable. It's hard not to be enamored by the many lakes and squeaky cheese curds all over the city!). Since her time as a student, Stana has visited often, considering Madison to be her home away from home. Her entire family has also studied at WESLI at different times throughout the years.

During this visit, Stana and Misa enjoyed meeting all the new teachers and staff, including Teacher Tom and current WESLI director. While in town, they also visited the Botanical Gardens, a quintessential Madison activity!

While neither Stana or Misa's daughter are no longer WESLI students, they, like all WESLI students, will always be a part of the family and Madison community at large! Until next time, Misa and Stana! it's always a pleasure to reconnect with our students.

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