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Colombian Scholarship Winner Studies English at WESLI for 4 Weeks

Colombian Scholarship Winner Studies English at WESLI for 4 Weeks

One lucky Colombian student won a 4-week scholarship to the Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI), in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, in partnership with Babel Studies, an agency in Colombia.

After submitting a video entry, Alejandra Uribe was selected in a drawing for 4 weeks of free English study to WESLI. Arriving just before the USA’s Thanksgiving, she is staying in WESLI’s Student Residence and will study until the end of the year.

This is her first time to the United States and plans to use her English in her arts and culture career now that she has finished her degree in business management.

“I came here because this great opportunity appeared in my life I had to take it. This is a door to my improvement in English. Also it's an opportunity to know other ways of life and new people, which is great!”, said Uribe.

“Plus that, what makes Madison interesting for me is the high level in education, the quality of life and working market. And about WESLI, I’m very proud of the opportunity they're giving me, because I know it is a really good and experienced school in the teaching of English.”

WESLI and Babel Studies worked together to offer this 4-week scholarship to an outstanding student participating in the contest to experience an abroad experience in a lesser known study destination.

“Studying in Madison, Wisconsin [USA] offers a real, authentic American experience for students that they can’t get in the larger cities,” says Jennifer Phillips, Director of WESLI.

The scholarship video contest required students to submit a short video about why they wanted to study English abroad. Through this social media traffic, Babel Studies was able to promote their variety of locations and experiences offered to students.

 Alejandra will have the opportunity to experience American culture, the American holiday season, and a little bit of winter for her first snow.


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