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CLA Junior Study Tour Experience in San Diego

CLA Junior Study Tour Experience in San Diego

The California Language Academy shared with us a very successful Study Tour Program...

At California Language Academy, we offer a broad variety of programs and add-ons, like surfing and paddle boarding, because we are in sunny California, the best place on earth. One of our most popular programs is our Junior Study Tour Program and we just had a wonderful group from Brazil enjoy this authentic California experience.

Their Study Tour Program included student-centered and fun English classes, living with a homestay and an opportunity to explore both San Diego and Los Angeles. When they flew into San Diego, their homestay, Romy, was ready to greet them warmly and take them home. They got to see San Diego, Old Town and, of course, the beaches! Then, it was time to go to the class and learn some English!

On Day 1 at CLA, every student receives an orientation at CLA. We introduce our school, get to know the students, and talk about some common rules here at CLA, in California and the accommodation. I mean, not everybody knows that drivers can turn at a red light, right? So, we always prepare our students for what they can expect! During orientation, students also receive a level assessment to test their abilities in reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and speaking. Students who join the study tour program typically have 4 half-day activities during the week and one full-day activity each weekend. We took this group to Mission Beach, Las Americas Outlet, Coronado Island, Seaport Village, Gaslamp and so many more fun places. At CLA, one of our mottos is that everything is customizable to a certain extent! This group asked to spend a weekend in Los Angeles; they asked, we delivered. They got to experience Hollywood, Santa Monica and they spent an entire day at the happiest place on Earth: Disneyland! We miss our girls dearly, but we are so happy that we got to know them and had the opportunity to introduce them to our beautiful cities.

At CLA San Diego, we offer Winter Study Tour Programs in January and February, Summer Study Tours in July and Customized Study Tours year-round. So, if you have a group that would like to come explore something unique like wineries or football camps while learning English, contact us at and we can customize your tour!

We look forward to more fun experiences with your students!

Yours truly, CLA!


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