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Access English offers in-depth orientation for new students

Access English offers in-depth orientation for new students

A student’s first week in a new country, and at a new school can sometimes be overwhelming. For this reason, Access English has specially designed a full week-long orientation program to assist students in feeling comfortable both in Toronto and at our school. Every morning, during their first week at Access, students will attend a half-hour orientation session. 



Students take a placement test and participate in a short guided tour of the neighbourhood around Access. The school team accompanies students to the subway station and answers any questions about how to use Toronto’s TTC.



Students learn practical information about Toronto and Access; what each part of the city has to offer, how to open a bank account, how to sign up for trips at ACCESS, and more. Students learn about the level advancement system at Access and sign the Student Contract (school rules).


Students learn how to find interesting activities going on in Toronto such as free or cheap attractions, concerts, night clubs and sporting events. The school team gives suggestions about what students can do when they have free time.



Access English accompanies students to the largest public library in Toronto, help students to get a library card and explain how to use the library system.



Students are given advice on how to be a successful student, so they can make the best use of their time while at Access. Students also take a brief survey about their first week at Access so the school can quickly know if they are experiencing any difficulties. In this way, they can address questions or problems quickly.

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