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Work and Study programme at BLS English

Work and Study programme at BLS English

Go beyond the classroom and gain crucial skills in a traditional British workplace environment with BLS English

Bury St Edmunds is ideal for work and study programmes. A small friendly city with lots happening. The programmes combine study with unpaid work placment in local businesses. This benefits both formal and informal language development. What better addition to your CV than working in the UK? We accept individuals and groups on this programme but the minimum age is 16. 

Here are some reasons to take this course: 

Make friends, learn English, build skills: For those who want to throw yourselves into British culture, this is for you. Spend half of your day learning and improving your English. Then spend the other half putting it to the test, by working in a traditional British setting. Gain new skills and new friends!

A culinary mastermind: Learn secret recipes while keeping up in a fast paced kitchen. This is a demanding role for the most ambitious of people, but hard work pays off!

Become one of the community: Work alongside local cafes and restaurants, master the art of impeccable table service, and immerse yourself with British culture. Just Traid is one of the many 4 star establishments that we work besides.

Learn the art of giving: Nothing says charity like Oxfam, see how the inside of one of the biggest charities in the UK works. Learn some new skills and make some fantastic memories.  

For more information about the course, please see here


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