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Summer Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses, new for 2019

Summer Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses, new for 2019

Lake School exam preparation courses are popular and very well regarded. This year, we are offering dedicated 4-week courses of intensive exam skills tuition to students who want to take the exam in Oxford during the summer.

“I heard that you got the exam results, so you’ll know that I passed it, and with flying colours at that. It was such a surprise that it left me gobsmacked… and overjoyed!

Even though I had a good feeling, I still can’t quite believe I achieved such a high score. Passing this exam is definitely a milestone in my life. I want to thank all of you, as my success is due to the dedication, the commitment and the patience of my teachers and all the Lake School staff.” Nathanael, from Belgium, February 2019

Contact Carmel Engin for more details, incentives and promotional materials.   +44 1865 724312


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