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Restart your A level journey at Lila*

Restart your A level journey at Lila*

We are living through highly unusual times where, despite best efforts, children’s education is being disrupted. LILA*’s Five Term A Level programme gives students chance to restart their A Level journey from January 2021 and still sit their final A Level examinations in June 2022 with their contemporaries.

For students at risk of falling behind and not achieving the results they are capable of this option will give them the chance to restart their A Levels and not delay their academic journey by nine months. It is also a good opportunity for students who are not happy with their original subject choices to start again in the correct subjects without falling behind their peers.

LILA’s small class sizes and extra input sessions on each subject allows students to restart their A Levels and catch up with peers so that they complete their A Levels at the same time and their transition onto university or the world of work is not put back. The additional tuition hours during the first two terms enable students to complete their final academic year at the standard pace.

LILA* is a family-run independent college based in the heart of Liverpool. The school's Covid-19 secure setting and small class sizes minimise students’ chances of having to self-isolate.

Scholarships based on academic excellence may be available. Request a meeting or virtual tour with our admissions team - email for information.

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