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New Course at Bede's - Young Influencers

New Course at Bede's - Young Influencers

Bede’s Summer School is excited to be introducing our new Young Influencers course at Handcross for 2019! This innovative new course aimed at 10-14yr olds offers 16 hours of projects and task-based learning per week.

The course is focused on developing 21st Century Skills such as imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving using 21C tools and creative methods such as Blogs, YouTube, Video and Animation. The course offers an alternative to regular English lessons, and students will be guided in their task-based projects and lessons by facilitators.

The programme is the only one that offers a full-day excursion on Wednesday, plus two additional full-day excursions on Saturday and Sunday. Where possible, the Wednesday excursion will be related to science, technology and digital communication. 


Q: What is an “Influencer”?

A: An “Influencer” is a person who is able inspire others and create a positive change in the world around them through their words, actions, innovations or style. Recent examples of successful influencers could include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg or the singer Beyonce.

Q: Why “21st Century Skills?”

A: 21st Century Skills such as creativity and collaboration are key “life” skills that are becoming vital in everyday life. These are now being taught to children at many schools next to traditional subjects like Maths and Science. Developing these skills can help students adapt to a variety of new situations, and be active members of a global future community. With the introduction of our Young Influencers’ course, Bede’s is aiming to help students take a positive first step in this direction.

Q: What is a facilitator? 

A: A facilitator guides students towards self-directed, independent learning. Good facilitators motivate, support, and enable students to realize their goals. In addition, they help the students gain confidence and take independent decisions. Students will feel a real sense of achievement from completing individual and group-based projects, and attempting new challenges.

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