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New academic courses at Concord College Summer School

New academic courses at Concord College Summer School

Building on the success of Concord summer science courses, which have now been running for 20 years, there are a new suite of science and technology courses on offer in July and August! In addition to studying on an intensive 21 hours a week of GCSE and A Level science, students can combine an English course consisting of 15 hours tuition per week, with a further 6 hours of Active Science. Concord opened a £11million science facility in January 2018, and all summer science courses take place in one of the 21 science laboratories. Students aged 10 to 17 benefit from qualified teachers in a first class facility, studying maths, biology, chemistry and physics. For those wishing an advanced English course, students can sign up for the new ‘Future Leaders’ course which focuses on debating and public speaking skills, whilst studying politics, economics, leadership and business.

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