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Cork English College announces new courses for 2020

Cork English College announces new courses for 2020

Cork English College has introduced some new courses for 2020! The school has a new General English programme available for those who are interested in a short stay in Cork for a minimum of 2 weeks. There will be 15 hours of classes every week in the afternoon. For students interested in a longer stay in the heart of the cultural city of Cork, CEC offer a new Study and Work programme. There are 15 hours of classes every week scheduled in the afternoon. This course has been approved for inclusion on the ILEP Register of Programmes which is recognised by the Minister of Education and Science.

Online preparation courses are now available for their OET examination. CEC also have a new Young Adult Programme for students between 16 to 19 years of age. This course will be available in July and August. Students can take General English classes and partake in a fully supervised activity programme. It includes 20 hours of tuition per week, 3 afternoon activities, 2 evening and 1 full day activity per week where students get to explore our some of Ireland’s most famous attractions!

Adding to the school's ever increasing list of examinations available, Cork English College is now a Language Cert centre! After attending all of the Quality English roadshows in 2019, they gained a lot of knowledge about the benefits of becoming an accredited Language Cert Test Centre. The school decided to become a centre in 2019 and now they will be creating a dedicated preparation course for students in 2020. They are also delighted to announce that CEC is now a Cambridge Approved CELTA Training Centre!

We are looking forward to a 2020 full of learning and adventure for their students!

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