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Concord College Summer School programmes enhanced by ‘Concord Plus’ activities

Concord College Summer School programmes enhanced by ‘Concord Plus’ activities

The summer programme at Concord College already offers a variety of academic courses including English, Future Leaders and Science. From this year they will be enhanced by an extra 90 minutes of a timetabled Concord Plus activity. Students will select 2 activities from a variety of exciting topics designed to provide the international students with learning opportunities suiting their interests. It will include specialist subject tuition, practical activities and life skills.

The choices include Art, Drama, First Aid, Golf, Health & Fitness, Horse Riding, Journalism, Maths & Logic, Mountain Biking, Music, Outdoor Pursuits, Problem Solving, Science Experiments, Social Enterprise, Sport, Tennis and UK Universities & Careers; the two most popular choices with students to date have been computer programming and cookery skills.

Following on from the success of a Robotics Workshop in 2018, Computer Programming has been included as a Concord Plus option this year to encourage students to write their own programmes – a challenge for anyone, especially with English as their second language. And in the school's dedicated student kitchen, one of Concord’s professional chefs will teach the students kitchen hygiene and basic cookery skills, hopefully enabling them to prepare their families a healthy, home cooked meal on their return! 


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