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Meet Stephan Roussounis, Director at English in Cyprus

Meet Stephan Roussounis, Director at English in Cyprus

Why do you think English in Cyprus is a Quality English school?

As the first Quality English member in Cyprus, I think that we offer a unique combination of British expertise running a modern language school in a new destinations for many agencies and students.

Both my partner director, Yiota Kontoloucas, and myself are British born Cypriots with many years experience in Education and more specifically in running English language schools in more traditional destinations such as UK, USA and Canada. This experience allows us to offer students the best of both worlds, fantastic English classes somewhere different and new.

We are passionate about putting Cyprus on the map for international students to learn English, and we have made great progress in the 10 years we have been operating. We see many commonalties with other Quality English members and very much look forward to getting to know them better.

What made you join Quality English?

As a relatively new destination we found it was important to be able to compete with other destinations and major chain schools by seeking membership of international associations within the industry. We are locally accredited by the Ministry of Education and founding members of ELSAC (English Language Schools Association of Cyprus), but these bodies do not carry the recognition that experienced agents may be looking for. We feel that being a family owned and independent school has unique advantages to the students in terms of school atmosphere and customer service. When we started looking at the members of Quality English, and the services it provides to connect its schools to a network of like-minded agents, we felt there could be great benefits to joining.

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

It’s clear that the members of Quality English have similar philosophies with regards to how to do business. We offer personal attention and close relationships with the owners of our schools, who will make decisions based on experience and logic, and this offers a distinct alternative to major chain schools who may get stuck in rules and procedures. The schools offer unique experiences in their locations, and it is this variety that makes QE members distinct. It allows us a group of independent school owners to collectively market and punch above our weight.

What are the main reasons to recommend English in Cyprus to an international student wishing to study in English?

We offer high quality English language experiences for individuals, families and juniors in a destination where there is a great variety of experiences to be enjoyed. Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean, and offers the students fantastic flight connections across Europe and the Middle East. We have over 60 Blue Flag beaches and many mountains and forests to explore. In terms of culture we have 15000 years of history, and you can visit Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Venetian historic sites across the island.

Our classes are small, and our teachers, staff and students create a wonderful atmosphere in the school, making English in Cyprus a warm and hospitable place to improve your English.



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