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Interview with Kevin McNally of TIS in Devon, UK

Interview with Kevin McNally of TIS in Devon, UK

Why do you think TIS (Torquay International School) is a Quality English school?

I believe Quality English schools take pride in providing their clients with a professional, individual, personalised service.  There is a certain passion for what we do, which I believe is found only in independent schools.

What made you join Quality English?

To be inspired, supported and motivated by my colleagues from the international network of English language schools that QE represents.  The competition that independent schools encounter is from the larger groups and chains, independents need to come together to promote the message of quality, service and individual attention.  

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

I was a member at my previous school, so I know the benefit of being a member of QE, the mutual support of other English language schools and the respect QE has among agents is notable.

What are the main reasons to recommend TIS to an international student wishing to study English?

TIS is the ideal school for clients who want to work hard to improve their English, experience British culture with a host family and enjoy life in a UK coastal town.


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