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Online Learning with LILA* Liverpool

Online Learning with LILA* Liverpool

In 2017, LILA* launched the Online Learning course using an innovative and interactive platform, Tutorbranch. The platform provides a real-life experience for the student, offering a live tailored lesson with a LILA* teacher, as well as providing a completely interactive lesson through the use of Tutorbranch’s features such as the whiteboard, document sharing, online messenger and video chat. This is a fantastic development as it enables distance learning for students who may be unable to travel to the UK. The Online Learning classes are also completely tailored to the students’ needs or requests.

Building upon the success of the Online Learning course, LILA* is now designing taster sessions aimed at students, agents and anyone wanting to improve their English or expand their knowledge. The weekly sessions will be pre-recorded and will focus on a range of topics, skills and areas of English grammar. In having the sessions pre-recorded, this offers an even more flexible opportunity for students to improve their English, in addition to being able to re-visit the sessions multiple times. As an exclusive introductory offer, LILA* will launch limited free weekly sessions which students and agents can take advantage of through the LILA* website and social media.

After the introductory period, LILA* will introduce a small cost for each new session, as well as the opportunity to bulk-buy at a cheaper price. The students or agents will then get personal access to the session. This is ideal for students who want the comfort of learning from home as well as having access to more advanced topics, a wider variety of content and sessions which are more suitable for them as they have more options to choose from. It is also a cheaper option in comparison to the interactive Online Learning classes. The pre-recorded sessions will, however, include theory as well as tasks that the students can complete to aid their studies.

The taster sessions can be used by agents to promote Online Learning at LILA*. It will show how the platform works and give the students an accurate experience of the online lessons. It is a good opportunity for the students to experience the sessions as a taster, before booking their own live Online Learning lessons which will be a tailored, interactive learning experience. LILA* can offer Online Learning focusing on General English, exam preparation for Cambridge or IELTS, Business English, as well as English for Special Purposes.


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    I'm student at university so I'm so interesting to learn English online courses eith LILA Liverpool. If i can to do it , please just send me your answer. Thank you so much.

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