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New Professional Training Programmes at ETI Malta

New Professional Training Programmes at ETI Malta

At ETI, our General English 30+ ( Thirty Years +) training programme for mature students gives our trainees the opportunity to improve their English in a modern, stylish environment surrounded by like-minded motivated trainees from around the world.

The main objectives of this English Language training programme is to improve English accuracy and fluency; focusing on areas such as English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. This will enable trainees to communicate more easily in English whether it is for work or personal reasons.

The course uses authentic materials and a variety of tools and resources such as current affair websites, to ensure a relevant, interactive, hands-on training experience.

As with our Professional Communication Skills courses, one can choose to combine the General English 30+ course with a number of one-to-one sessions.

The General English 30+ course runs every Monday. For more information please contact ETI Malta

The Medical English course is tailor-made to address the specific skills needed by different sectors of the Medical professions including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

This course is designed to provide the trainee with input and opportunities to practice key Medical English vocabulary and grammar as well as developing their English communication skills. Authentic materials and resources  covering a range of medical situations and topics are used to ensure that their learning goals are met.

This tailor-made course is available on request. For more information on our dates and rates please contact us.



  • omer faruk Avatar

    omer faruk

    my name is faruk living turkey and 38 years old.
    ı want english course malta or ireland or canada ?
    how much money?
    can you help me?

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