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International Travel College receives perfect EER rating

International Travel College receives perfect EER rating

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) is doing an exceptional job of preparing students for a career in the airline, travel and tourism industry.

ITC received a “perfect” rating in its most recent NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER), which was conducted in April 2017. It achieved a ‘Category 1’ rating (the highest possible category) for the second time, including two Highly Confident judgments. It also scored “Excellent” in every category and the review prompted no recommendations for improvement.

The purpose of the EER is to review the performance of the College, especially in regard to educational performance and capability in self-assessment.

The review was conducted over one and a half days and involved consulting with the ITC directors, management staff, members of the tutorial team, as well as students (both domestic and international) and industry stakeholders.

NZQA is ‘Highly Confident’ in ITC’s ability to enable students to complete formal airline, travel and tourism qualifications. It cited the following reasons as examples of ITC’s competency:

  • The Directors’ commitment to supporting their staff, especially through professional development
  • The positive relationship between senior management and teaching staff
  • The College’s commitment to employing experienced staff who have extensive knowledge of the airline, travel and tourism industry
  • The “clear and comprehensive evidence” that ITC graduates gain employment within the airline, travel and tourism industry upon graduation
  • The positive relationship between ITC and tourism industry employers, including the creation of an Industry Advisory Board
  • The College’s commitment to meeting its compliance obligations and also conducting regular evaluations to incorporate learner, tutor, and key stakeholder feedback

In addition, the report drew attention to ITC’s commendable campus culture, which goes beyond positive academic results by also inspiring “a good work ethic, disciplined and refined dress and bearing, increased customer service confidence and improved communication skills”.

ITC Managing Director Kerry Priestley is extremely pleased with the result.

“It certainly validates the work we do at ITC. We’re focused on helping students achieve their qualification and go on to enjoy prosperous careers within the airline, travel, and tourism industry,” says Kerry.

“We feel very proud that this important work has been formally recognised by the NZQA. We look forward to continuing to support students as they embark on airline, travel, and tourism careers in 2017 and beyond.”

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