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English+CrossFit program at WESLI

English+CrossFit program at WESLI

WESLI are really excited to be able to offer a few new programs in 2018.  In addition to continuing to offer General English, Test Preparation, Teacher Training and Academic Preparation courses, we’re excited to be adding course offerings for our Executive Business English Program and English Plus programming - specifically an English + CrossFit program.

This past summer, Madison hosted the CrossFit Games for the first time.  Starting about two months or so leading up to the games, we started to see and increase in new student walk-ins or students coming to Madison specifically for the games, including 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in weightlifting, Aleksey Torokhtiy (Ukraine).  At the time, I didn’t really know much about the world of CrossFit, or how large the dedicated following would be.  People came from all over the world, I think the official count was from 31 countries, to participate in the event – and even more came just for the experience and to watch different aspects of the competition.  It really created a sort of city-wide festival experience. 

After seeing how many students came because of the games, we decided to create a special program for next year.  The program will allow students to study English in the morning, go to they gym in the afternoon and participate in joint activities in the community leading up to the CrossFit Games.  We’ve partnered with CrossFit Sanctify in Madison to offer this program - Madison has a really wonderful community spirit and we’re excited to welcome these students from around the world. 

Registration is now open for summer 2018 CrossFit packages which include: courses, weekly activities, weekly dinners, accommodation in a WESLI homestay or The WESLI Residence (located downtown, 2 minutes’ walk from WESLI) and gym membership to CrossFit Sanctify, with daily shuttle service.

To suit every athlete’s need, CrossFit Sanctify is offering three program choices: Introduction, Development, and Specialization.

Please see the brochure and watch the video

For more information, please contact WESLI Director Jennifer Phillips:

CrossFit Sanctify Director Paul Saevre:

“Last summer it was an exciting experience for our gym to host so many international CrossFit Games athletes as well as the athletes that traveled here to enjoy watching the competition. Being able to share life experiences with people from all over the world has been a part of my life since childhood. My parents had college friends from all over the world that visited and stayed with us when they were back in the US. My wife, Jodi spent several months in an agricultural exchange program after graduating college which led into us hosting exchange students since 2006. We have hosted 7 students from Asia, Europe and Africa. It is a learning experience that is hard to explain to someone who has not taken the opportunity to either travel and immerse themselves into a culture or host someone from a different culture for a year. Our lives and understanding are so much richer from our relationships with our kids and their families.

When the gym was presented with this opportunity to add to the education they would receive through WESLI, I felt like it was something we needed to do. As a business we want to serve people in a way that gives them the greatest experience possible. We believe that CrossFit Sanctify has been adding to the health and fitness of our members by bringing people together through exercise and personal relationships since we opened in 2011. CrossFit classes are a great way for people to have a shared experience, celebrate that through fitness but then also learn about another individual or another culture and build connections that go beyond just a great workout. The teaming up Sanctify is doing with WESLI will be a value that will multiply many times over for our members and for those visiting Madison from around the world.”

WESLI & Madison Background

Since 1981, WESLI has taught English to students from over 125 countries. Our former students trust us to teach their family and friends because of our family-like atmosphere, personal attention, global citizenship and proven interactive teaching methods. We’re proud to say we’ve had three generations from more than one family study with us. As the oldest English Language Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, we are uniquely qualified to move our students forward with their English goals.

Wisconsin is a Midwestern state known for its natural beauty, organic, farm-fresh foodie tradition and friendliness.

WESLI is located in three historic buildings across from the state capitol, on the Capitol Square, in the heart of downtown Madison, on the isthmus between lakes Mendota and Monona.

State Street pedestrian mall, (a world-class “destination street”), connects the Capitol Square with the University of Wisconsin. Cafés, restaurants, bars & coffee shops, boutiques & stores, and theatres & museums fill the half-mile-long street.

Although the world-renowned University of Wisconsin anchors one end of State Street, Madison also has five other universities. Home to 63,000 students, with a total population of 250,000, the city is small enough to retain its charm, large enough for the arts, culture and intellectual pursuits.

Madison is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in the United States for: safety, quality of life, happiness, entrepreneurship, education, and fitness.

Madison in the summer cannot be beat. Tourists in many professions around the world (business, law, medicine, academia, science, journalism, politics, hospitality and art) love to combine studying English at WESLI with playing in Madison. Every week there are multiple free events to attend, from farmers’ markets, to outdoor music and dance, to food festivals, to the eclectic, such as the Paddle’NPortage canoe race and the Midwest Log Rolling Championships.

Madison boasts 260 free parks, 11 free beaches, 1 free zoo, 3 lakes for SUP, kayak, windsurf, & canoe rental, B-Cycle rentals for 200 miles of bike trails, hiking trails in the UW Arboretum, and the blooming beauty of Olbrich Botanical Gardens. To cool down after all this activity, Madisonians enjoy hoisting a craft beer or Babcock Ice Cream cone at the university’s Memorial Union—especially at sunset, to the backdrop of live music.

Youthful, vibrant and welcoming, Madison hosts many world-class cultural and sporting events, including World Dairy Expo, PGA Champions Tour, Ironman Wisconsin, Madison Marathon and the Reebok International CrossFit Games. 


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