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Connecting People

Connecting People

Three years ago, teachers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Finland met on a Lake School of English Creative Teaching course. Encouraged and inspired by their tutors, they decided to extend their learning experience, and build Erasmus+ projects for their students, staff and schools, their cities and communities.

Hundreds of people attend professional development courses with the Lake School of English in Oxford, every year.

Highly regarded and very well-received, these transformational courses offer participants a life-changing experience and the opportunity to develop and realise their potential.

In June 2018, Angeles, Kamila, Taimi and Katarzyna were reunited at last in Finland - almost three years later and several Erasmus+ projects in between.

Hard work certainly, but dreams realised and challenges overcome, with learning and much laughter.

‘Yes, the Lake School of English is really an excellent place to connect people as it once was the famous Nokia slogan ‘Connecting People’.

Taimi Rytkonen, Finland

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