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Concord College featured on Shrewsbury Monopoly board game

Concord College featured on Shrewsbury Monopoly board game

Friday 15th November marked a historic moment for the town of Shrewsbury (Shropshire, UK) as an official Shrewsbury Monopoly board game was released – with Concord College featuring on it! The town was selected ahead of 24 other cities and towns, as one of just a few special boards made in the UK in 2019 and a handful worldwide.

After a long wait and much secrecy, the chosen landmarks were announced as voted for by the people of Shrewsbury. From popular local charities and events, to historic monuments and landmarks, Concord was thrilled to be chosen as one of forty squares on the board, and one of just three educational establishments – all placed in Monopoly’s traditionally prestigious green section of the board. Concord also features on the playing board and box in a collage of some of those included, as well as having a dedicated Community Chest card.

Principal Mr Hawkins was happy to welcome 'Mr Monopoly' to Concord who presented the game to the college, as well as meeting with students and staff. “We are truly delighted that Concord College has been recognised in the new Shrewsbury Edition of Monopoly. The vibrancy, beauty and cultural depth of Shrewsbury is extraordinary and here at Concord we feel honoured to be a small part of it. As a school with 600 students from Shropshire and around the world as well as over 300 employees, we also hope that we contribute to the very special community that is celebrated in this amazing Shrewsbury Monopoly.”

Part of English UK Central, the Midlands region boasts lots of historical interests including and beautiful variety. Robin Hood’s Nottingham, Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, the wonderful Welsh border country, the quaint Cotswolds, Worcester cathedral, Warwick Castle, the regency splendour of Cheltenham, the chic and bustling city of Birmingham and the market town of Shrewsbury home to Charles Darwin! There is something for everyone in the Midlands and is a destination to visit when in the UK for pleasure or study!

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