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Concord College offered 8 Syrian refugees to join their Summer School

Concord College offered 8 Syrian refugees to join their Summer School

Concord College welcomed 18 scholars from around the world to their Summer School throughout July and August. For the second year running, Concord offered 8 Syrian refugees from ‘Shropshire Refugee-Action’ the opportunity to join their quality English course, improving their spoken and written English, trying new activities and socialising with children and teenagers from around the world. 

Two students who won the coveted 'Leighton award' by embodying the ‘spirit of Concord’ during their 2018 summer course also returned to continue learning on either the English, Science or the new Future Leaders course free of charge and acted as a mentor to new and returning students. It was first awarded in 2016 on the retirement of previous Director of Summer Course, John Leighton, and is given to two students at the end of course graduation who are friendly and generous in nature, demonstrate mutual respect for others and harness decency & trust - qualities we hope to see in all young people. 
In addition to this, four students secured various scholarships for submitting creative works in the Winter & Spring competitions, giving students of all abilities the chance to study at Concord, along with four students from deprivation to support their personal development and academic studies. 

Concord prides itself on being a safe environment, a place where students can develop independence and grow in confidence. Its international community promotes kindness, patience and tolerance, and promotes understanding and harmony. It is dubbed the place to be, and all the scholars agreed that without the opportunity to study at Concord, they would have missed out on so many learning opportunities, friendships and experiences.

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