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Dancing in the Streets - The Limassol Carnival

Dancing in the Streets - The Limassol Carnival

English in Cyprus have shared with us a fantastic blog about the Limassol Carnival. Please see a small snipped below and visit the English in Cyprus blog for the full article.

We’ve all heard of the Rio Carnival, the New Orleans Mardi Gras and the Notting Hill Carnival but what about the Limassol Carnival? Not so big but just as lively!

Its not all about the summer at English in Cyprus. In winter we still have great weather, but we also get snow in the mountains and celebrate in a big way with the Limassol Carnival. 

The Carnival festivities date back to Ancient Greece where celebrations were organized in honour of Dionissos, the god of wine and fun. Greeks used to dress up in various costumes, disguising themselves with masks and would enjoy feasting for days. This tradition lives on.

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