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LLE named top performer for Home Tuition in the UK in this month’s EL Gazette

LLE named top performer for Home Tuition in the UK in this month’s EL Gazette

Living Learning English has been named as the top performing Home Tuition provider in the UK by the EL Gazette whose rankings are based on British Council inspections.

Living Learning English is accredited by the British Council for its Home Tuition English courses and in our most recent inspection we received strengths in 7 areas including care of under 18’s, care of students, accommodation and leisure opportunities. We were also praised on the administration of our courses as well as course design and academic management.

You can download the full report here.

Living Learning English is the only home tuition provider who is a member of Quality English and we are fortunate enough to work with a selection of wonderful teachers around the UK! We also have an excellent team at our head offices in Bristol who work so hard behind the scenes to make it all happen.

On our home tuition courses, students learn English successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying with their teachers in their family home. Students are welcomed into their teachers’ home where they will experience life in the UK as part of a warm and friendly family. Students speak only English every day and their teacher will help them find the right words in daily conversation. Courses are specifically designed to meet the individuals needs for learning English.

Living Learning English specialises in professional and bespoke educational services for international students in the UK and alongside their home tuition courses, they also offer classes online and educational guardianship services for overseas boarding school students.

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