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ATC ELT- Connect - Award Winning Teaching Blog

ATC ELT- Connect  - Award Winning Teaching Blog

The team at ATC Language Schools are extremely proud of their blog,, which provides teachers with free lesson plans, worksheets and regular teacher development posts on topics that are relevant to today’s classrooms.  

Nowadays, more so than ever, teachers around the world are connecting like never before.  We are sharing our tools, our resources, our knowledge and our experience to help others who are maybe for the first time, venturing into the world of online teaching.   At ATC Language Schools, we are delighted to share our experience and stories too in the hope that teachers across the globe find our content useful for their own personal contexts. 

We are busy developing our resource bank of lessons and worksheets and would love you to subscribe and follow us on social media for weekly updates as we continue to provide you with fun, engaging and communicative resources as we stay connected at this difficult time. 

Proud winners of the Teaching English, British Council ‘Blog of the Month’ for the following posts

7 Fun Tasks for Classroom Debates

Fun with Phrasal Verbs:

10 Activities – Using Pictures in Class!

Self-Study Tips for Students:

We were also shortlisted for the following posts:

8 Ways to Use Newspapers in Class:

L1 in the L2 Classroom:

SMART Goal Setting:

Quiet Students? 5 Ways to Get Them Speaking.

Lesson – How to Manage Time!

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