WSE had the pleasure of welcoming a Ukrainian film crew to the school.

30 April 2012

Quality English Courses in Devon, Devon School of English

Over 3 days they filmed our students and the Wimbledon area. The focus of the film was to promote language learning and will be broadcast in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries by English Club TV (ECTV) and is scheduled to launch in April.

Our students really enjoyed interacting with the film crew, both inside as well as outside the school.  Here are some of their comments.

“I had a great time and it was amazing.”

Gabriella Sacramento Carneira, Brazil

“It was a really fun time.”

Yerbol Baimakhanov, Kazachstan

“I wish you guys can come back to the UK again; I really enjoyed being with you guys, thank you.”

Lap Fu Lei, China

Everyone at WSE, especially our students, had a great time. Apparently the feeling was mutual:

“We all fell in love with your school! Also, seeing your passion for the school, for people you are working with and for what you are doing together with them was very inspiring.”

Sergei Nesterenko, Head of Production


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