WSE participated in the filming of the TV programme the Hotel Inspector.

1 June 2012

Wimbledon School of English and the Hotel Inspector

At WSE we were excited to have the opportunity to send some students to participate in the filming of the TV programme the Hotel Inspector. This award winning TV programme was filming at a hotel in Ealing. As part of the programme they were filming a grand event at the hotel on the final day.  This event, the pinnacle of the show, is essentially the culmination of all the Hotel Inspector – Alex Polizzi, has put into place for the hoteliers.  We sent around a dozen WSE students to the filming; here is what one of the participants had to say about it.

I had a good time. It was an engaging experience because this was the first time I was involved in a TV programme, it made it even more special because the show is quite famous in the UK! It's called Hotel Inspector. In each episode, the hotel inspector goes to a hotel, where the owners are struggling with their business. The inspector tries to locate the problem and gives the owners advice on how to improve.
The hotel we went to was called Caspian Hotel, which is in Ealing. On the way to the hotel, we were sitting in a traditional red Double Decker bus and were giving a short introduction about the hotel and Ealing by the lovely hotelier. It was hilarious as we were laughing all the time, not only because the hotelier had a great sense of humor, he also had to start over a few times because of his nervousness. We also met the 'real' hotel inspector. She left me a very different impression about celebrities, she was very kind and approachable during the whole trip, always had a big smile on her face and even served us drinks when we were in the hotel.  After we arrived, we were offered tasty Persian food! Yummy! Meanwhile, some people were being interviewed. Then we enjoyed a dancing show performed by the hotelier's daughter. The performance was outstanding and she was really charming! Some people were 'invited' to dance with her, and I was one of the lucky dogs! I was so nervous, because I had never danced in front of so many people before. I tried to copy her and shake my body, it looked very funny. Then the hotelier showed us their rooms. In the end they made a celebration cake for us. How nice! 

Xiao Han, China


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