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Quality English Schools attract students from many different countries around the world.  In the QE schools you will meet students from South America, Europe and Asia. This means you will have a wonderful rich experience and make friends ‘for life’.

If you are looking for an English language course, you are in the right place.

Here are FIVE clear reasons why you can choose a QE school with confidence:

  1. QE schools are selected from the best independent Schools throughout the world
  2. Teachers’ qualifications and experience are a priority for each school (we know this because we check)
  3. The QE schools are independent and not part of a ‘chain’;  this means you have plenty of individual attention from staff who know you well
  4. With such a wide choice of courses in the QE school network, you can find the perfect course for you
  5. There are QE schools in every English-speaking country of the world

You can also study for Examinations at QE Schools.

Look no further. Click here to look for a QE school.

School of the Week

School of the week

Learn English at St George International, London, UK. Choose from General, Business and Academic English language courses at this Quality English school.

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