Why Quality English?

Quality English has selected some of the best English language schools for you.

Quality English schools offer exceptional service, unique character and a wide course choice.

You can study in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, USA, Canada or South Africa. Find your Location here.

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How does Quality English choose the schools?

They must be independent and accredited. Then we check feedback from students and agents to make sure that students are happy with their courses.

QE visits the schools at least every three years.

  • References from agents or corporate clients are requested and checked in advance
  • The QE chief executive speaks to students about their school experiences and checks the systems that are in place for student feedback and for dealing with complaints
  • The most recent accreditation report is read and checked
  • QE speaks to the person in charge and takes an interest in ‘who’s who?’ in the school, talking to those that make a difference to the experience of every single student
  • QE checks the qualifications of teachers and takes a keen interest in academic standards (for example, the professional development of teachers)



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