A fantastic new Quality English school in Scotland

18 May 2012

Quality English Courses in Devon, Devon School of English

Carolyn Blackmore writes: "I went to see Live Language in Glasgow yesterday and was very impressed. Their commitment to the welfare, wellbeing and not least the professional development of all their staff is outstanding. I felt very privileged to have the chance to find out about it all. Reading the IIP (Investors in People) report on the way home (they have ‘silver’ status) was so interesting and impressive – something I knew nothing about. Overall I read a great deal about the school yesterday what with the British Council report and all the documents they had previously submitted, so that I got to know the school and its standards thoroughly. Complementing that with an excellent visit made for a very satisfying day. From QE’s point of view  there was plenty of evidence of individual attention: tutorials, extra tutorials, activity programme, and not least the ‘Globeliveation’ project where students manage to meet local people (and pick up their Glaswegian accent!)."


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