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Become a Quality Agent

Quality English and Quality Education have established an exclusive network of about 200 loyal language travel agents in 32 countries. Every agent is well respected in the industry and shares the same high standards of quality service provision as do the Quality English Schools and Quality Education colleges.

They actively work with at least three Quality English schools, usually many more.

The benefits of being a Quality Agent

1. The right to use the Quality Agent logo

2. The Quality Agent certificate

3. A presence on the Quality English website under the 'Find an Agent' section of your school partners pages

4. Eligibility to participate in the Quality Visit Scheme

5. Regular agent enewsletters

Read what Quality Agents say about the Schools and Colleges


How do I become a Quality agent?

  • Start by working with at least THREE schools. We require references before you can become a Quality English Agent.
  • Go to the Quality English website Agents’ area. (or click on the link below)
  • http://www.quality-english.com/become-a-qe-agent.html
  • Complete the Quality English Agent Application Form
  • The QE executive will follow up the references provided
  • You will be invited to become a ‘Quality English Agent’
  • Your details will be published on the Quality English website and you will receive the Quality English logo and certificate.

By submitting the Quality English application form you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Please upload your logo when prompted. Your entry looks better if you do.



Workshops (or 'Missions') for schools and agents

We host a series of school / agent workshops every year in cities around the world. This means that we invite you to register for the one day event and so benefit from meeting a selection of the Quality English schools without having to leave your city. These are often small meetings where agents appreciate the calmness and the opportunity to really get to know the schools.

Click here for more information.



The Quality Visit Scheme

Quality Visit Scheme logo

We think it is important that agents take every opportunity to visit schools. It is when you discover that the Quality English schools and Quality Education colleges are special and offer outstanding value for money. This is also how you can get to know the key personnel in the school with whom you can build a working relationship. The schools arrange and provide one night’s accommodation, lunch (or dinner), and pay local travel expenses

Spend half a day in the school to

• meet key academic and administrative staff

• learn about the centre, facilities and local area

• prepare to recommend the schools to your students

• win a scholarship to one of the schools

Join the Quality Visit Scheme. This is for Quality English Agents and all agents who have been on one of our Missions. Here is more detail and when you are ready you can Register here.


Contact Us

Please contact the Agent Relations and Workshop Manager at Quality English for more information:  agents@quality-english.com

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