QE Partners

Quality English is a quality brand which is committed to promoting high quality English language schools and their courses to international students. QE schools are carefully selected for their quality and reputation, and offer a choice of general and specialised courses in contrasting locations.

A QE Partner is a company or organisation which provides:

  • a service connected with a QE student’s English language course e.g. examination board, publisher, work experience placement
  • a product or service for QE students e.g. mobile phone, flights and travel arrangements, leisure activity, travel insurance
  • a product or service for QE schools  e.g. IT management systems, educational hardware, insurance products

General benefits:

  • Reaching students from all over the world (English language learners) through the QE website and the generation of leads/sales
  • Increased traffic to the company’s own website

And in detail:

  • Use of the QE Partner Logo
  • The company’s logo visible on the QE website, and on the Home page by rotation
  • A page on the QE website for your company’s description and information
  • Enquiries forwarded from the QE website by personalised enquiry form
  • Regularly updated contact list of all QE Schools
  • Advertising in the annual QE brochure
  • Opportunities to take part in QE missions
  • Sponsor QE missions and events
  • Company logo in the monthly QE Agent eNewsletters

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