How can QE help me choose an English language school?
The advantage of looking at the Quality English website is that you can research the schools and the courses, make comparisons to find the best course to suit you, and then enquire about the course online, all on one website.
How do I get more information about a School?
From the Quality English website you can send an email enquiry direct to a school by clicking 'Contact the School' and ask your questions about learning English at a Quality English school. Or you can visit the school's own website.
Do Quality English schools also teach Business English Language courses?
Yes. All of our schools teach Business English. This can either be part of a General English course or a fully specialised and intensive Business or Executive course. You can also choose a one-to-one course, combination course or a tailor-made course. It is also possible to study English for Banking, Law and other professional purposes.
I'd like to practise a sport or learn a new skill with my English lessons. Is this possible?
Yes. Many Quality English schools offer General English plus Sport, plus a wide range of hobbies and activities. Use the QE Course Finder to find a course to suit you.
Do I have to pay anything extra apart from the school's tuition fees and accommodation costs? Is there a QE booking fee?
You only pay the fees listed by the school on the Quality English website. This may include the school's own booking fee. There is no QE fee.
What happens if I change my mind and decide to cancel my course a. after having sent the online application form and paid the deposit? b. after having enrolled and paid all the fees to the school?
If you need to cancel your course, contact the school with whom the course has been booked. The booking is subject to the school's own cancellation policy. An administration fee may be charged by the school in the event of cancellation.
Who will send me information about my course, my accommodation and how to get to the school on my first day?
The School will send you all the information you need when they enrol you on a course.
Who will send me the documents I need for my visa application?
The school will send you the necessary letter or certificate when they enrol you on a course. You can ask a local representative or agent to help you.
Can you arrange my insurance?
You can either arrange travel, health and cancellation insurance through your school, or you can take out insurance with Gibbs Denley Insurers.
What happens if I want to change course after I have started?
Read the conditions of enrolment of your school. You must inform the school as soon as possible. They usually require advance notice of a change to your course.

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