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eMission to Promote QE Online Courses

eMission to Promote QE Online Courses

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first official e-Mission for our licensed schools and agent partners. Our schools will have the opportunity to meet with their partners on a dynamic and user-friendly platform and discuss their Online Courses.

QE has been working hard to develop QE Online Standards for its schools and colleges. These Standards aim to reassure agents, students and parents that they can expect the same high-quality teaching and support from QE Online Courses as they expect from QE on-site courses.

Our e-Missions offer a convenient, green and cost-effective addition to our standard missions which will allow QE/QEd schools and Quality Agents to meet in a Virtual Conference Space without having to travel, thus saving time and money.

e-Missions offer …

  • An excellent way for Authorised Quality Agents to build relationships with Quality English and Quality Education colleges
  • Easy to use system! After registering, allow us to set up your schedule, and then just log on to the virtual platform for the meeting at the correct time
  • Schools and agents can take part from anywhere around the world without having to leave the office

This month's QE e-Missions will be focus on the various online courses that QE schools are offering. Use this FREE session to catch up, network and exchange thoughts and ideas!

We will soon announce a schedule of e-Missions over the coming months that will focus on particular courses and destinations.

Contact for more details on how to take part.

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