A new Facebook initiative has been launched by ESoE

16 August 2010

A recent upgrade to the QE Eastbourne School of English multimedia library in its second building in Lismore Road is complete. The new library has seven new computers with Internet access and interactive learning equipment bringing the total to 14. With learning materials so readily available in electronic format, it was necessary for teachers to able to hold classes in the library where each student can benefit from his or her own PC. It also meant we could remove all the out-dated cassettes to make way for modern materials. Access to the equipment is entirely free and the computers are also used by students during breaks to keep in touch with friends and family.
Following this upgrade, a new Facebook initiative has been launched by Summer Course Coordinator Graham Smith to ensure students make the most out of the library. The ESoE Facebook library allows students to read and post reviews about books and discuss questions. The ESoE Facebook library page is in addition to the school's Facebook group which students can reunite with friends they met at the school, see pictures added by the school and by students and even get feedback about the school if they are thinking of booking a course.

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