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Churchill House Prior Park Summer School

Churchill House Prior Park Summer School

The beautiful city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage city because of its world famous Roman spa complex and the architectural importance of its stunning Georgian city centre. The city became a fashionable spa resort in the 18th century and has been one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations ever since. Prior Park College sits in landscaped gardens overlooking the city. It was built around the mansion house built for the entrepreneur Ralph Allen, who was responsible for the construction of much of the city centre. Prior Park offers the perfect calm setting for our Extra English course and offers Trinity GESE exams and preparation.

Winner of 2016 ST Star Award for Junior Courses for Under 18s.

  • Perfect for 16-17 year olds – enjoy separate time with students of your own age and more free time afternoon
  • Free Archery experience
  • Harry Potter Studio Tours Option

This summer centre offers General English with Activity Programme, Intensive English Option, and Trinity GESE Exam Option.

Courses at School

  • Young Learner Courses
    • Residential
    • Summer vacation

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