Essential Facts  

Population: 34.3 million

Capital City: Ottawa

Main Languages: English, French

Main Religion: Christian

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD) $


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Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. It is the world's second largest country by total area. Canada's common border with the United States to the south and northwest is the longest in the world.

1. Airport Transfers

All QE schools offer a pick-up service from the nearest airport. Alternatively, each of the main airports offer a shuttle service facility-a train or bus travelling regularly to the centre of the city. Every major Canadian city holds one international airport.  Because of Canada’s size and vast distances, air travel is the preferred mode of transportation between the provinces.




3. Weather

Canada's climate is not as cold all year around as some may believe. In winter, temperatures fall below freezing point throughout most of Canada. But the south-western coast has a relatively mild climate. Along the Arctic Circle, mean temperatures are below freezing for seven months a year. Canada stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, sharing the southern latitude of Rome and reaching all the way up to the Arctic. Across such a vast landscape temperature and climate varies dramatically. In May alone, you can ski the Olympic-calibre mountain terrain of the west coast or attend the world's largest tulip festival in Ottawa. During the summer months the southern provinces often experience high levels of humidity and temperatures that can surpass 30 degrees Celsius regularly.

For current climate and weather conditions by province and territory, visit Environment Canada.

Canada is a vast country, with extremely diverse weather and climate systems. Before departing, check the weather of the area you are going to visit. Such extremities can be dangerous if you don't have appropriate clothing.


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There are a range of websites with details about what to do and see while you're in Canada. Look at Canada Travel, Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor  for ideas.


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