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Horner School of English publishes new school video

Horner School of English publishes new school video

The Horner School of English has recently published a new school video which was put together with the help of teachers and students of the school's B1 and B2 classes. Each teacher introduced the video project as point of discussion and the classes came up with a range of ideas for the new video. The final version of the video very much came from this discussion and collaboration and a number of the students then took part in the video over three days of shooting.  

The video shows a typical student arrival at the school, entry to class and the participation on the activity programme. The Horner School of English have also included the arrival to their new accommodation Dorset Point in Dublin City. The video clearly shows that the student is central to everything they do at the Horner School of English - just have a look at the new video!

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