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Learn English at Archibald School of English, Warsaw, Poland. Choose from general and specialist English language courses at this Quality English school.

Archibald, located in Warsaw, Poland, was set up in 1992. Over 80 teachers and 2 methodologists make sure we provide high quality service to both teenage and adult students. Our main strengths are: thorough verification of students’ level, a variety of courses (run in small groups) that can suit any needs, attentive monitoring of students’ progress and the quality of teachers’ work plus methodological guidance and regular training for teachers. Archibald is a school for those who value quality.


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School Features

  • PASE = Polish Association for Standards In Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Akredytacja Kuratorium Oswiaty = Accreditation of Polish Board of Education
  • Organizator Szkolen Najwyzszej Jakosci = awarded to institutions organizing high quality training
  • Polska Izba Firm Szkoleniowych = for our contribution to the development of educational services
  • Gazela Biznesu = awarded to thriving medium businesses in Poland
  • European Language Label = for implementing technological solutions in language teaching


We organize courses all year round. We teach in small groups (4-6 or 7-9 students). Our courses are run on site and in numerous companies in Warsaw. We also offer one-to-one classes, both on stationary and corporate courses.


Please see the Archibald website for accommodation information.

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Marcin Matejak,  Poland

"We would like to praise Archibald teachers for their involvement, creativity and experience. The techniques used as well as a variety of additional materials made the learning process pleasant and efficient. The high quality of teaching is guaranteed by Archibald’s methodological guidance and the system of monitoring students’ progress"

Jolanta Szyller-Wójcik,  Poland

"We recommend Archibald to anyone who values professionalism and efficient organization of a language course"

Joanna Pyś,  Poland

"Archibald teachers are very competent and respond to students’ particular needs at all stages of a course"

Adrianna Piotrkowska,  Poland

"Archibald’s placement tests (oral and written) accurately defined students’ language level as well as their needs, which maximized the optimal development of their skills"

Ewelina Smus,  Poland

"We would like to emphasize the efficiency of Archibald’s system of monitoring students’ progress including class observations and reports on ss’ progress"

+48 22 828 76 76
Archibald Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bagno 2

Archibald is a 20-year-old school. We are located in the very heart of Warsaw, within a walking distance from Palac Kultury i Nauki, one of the landmarks of Poland's capital city. The best way to get to Archibald in the rush hour is the underground ('Swietokrzyska' station).


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