National accreditation is essential.


In Australia

In 1990 English Australia established the NEAS (National ELT Accreditation Scheme) as the government recognised but industry-based body responsible for national standards for English language colleges and programs. NEAS accreditation covers ELT centres offering courses to students within both public and private universities, vocational education and training colleges, secondary schools and private stand alone ELT centres. NEAS Standards set out minimum accreditation requirements in the broad areas of: management and finance; learning environment; specialist staff; curriculum and assessment; student services; materials and equipment; and recruitment and promotion.


In Canada

Languages Canada is Canada's premier language organization representing language programs in both of Canada's official languages: English and French. Their internationally recognized quality assurance scheme is comprehensive, rigorous and covers the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration. 


In Malta

Feltom is the self-regulating national body with established codes of conduct and national standards of service for its members. It monitors and maintains such standards of service and maintains a professional identity for its members.


In New Zealand

English New Zealand jealously guards its reputation for quality. All member schools are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and are signatories to the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. 

In addition, member schools must meet the rigorous English New Zealand Standards.  These standards (originally developed by Elaine Brewster of Rotorua English Language Academy) assess schools using both academic and management criteria specific to the English language industry. English New Zealand carries out full audits of member schools on a regular basis and also completes a number of spot audits every year.


In Ireland

ACELS is the government agency set up to assure the quality of English Language Teaching in Ireland. The Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS) was established in 1969 under the auspices of the Irish Department of Education & Science to control standards in EFL schools and organisations through an inspection/recognition scheme. ACELS administers the scheme which leads to School Recognition by the Department of Education & Science.


In South Africa

EduSA is committed to developing and guiding the growth of the English language travel industry in South Africa and ensuring that its members meet or exceed guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.


In the UK

Accreditation UK (formerly the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme) is a voluntary quality assurance scheme for providers of English language teaching (ELT) services in the UK. The Scheme operates as a partnership between the British Council and English UK.

The aim of the Scheme is to protect international students who are studying or planning to study English language in the UK. This is achieved by external inspection, ensuring that providers that are accredited through the Scheme meet agreed quality standards.


In the USA

ACCET has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, since 1978, as a "reliable authority as to the quality of education or training provided by the institution's of higher education and the programs they accredit.

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